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One of the best social sites I have ever been on. I've chatted with a number of people and have had a great experience every time!
- KelseyKiss
AmateurCommunity is so different than anything I've seen. I make money off of everything I do on the site and I even made money on my very first day.
- KC1989
I love all the different communication options and the social network style of the site!
- JessWest
I love that I can always count on AmateurCommunity to get my payments to me on time. Stress free …that's how I like to work!
- MissEmma
Hello my name is Pet, and I have had the pleasure of being on AmateurCommunity for a few months now. The customers are consistent, and the staff is the best I have worked with. There has never been a time that I needed help or advise that they haven't been available, supportive and very friendly.
- SexyPet
The customer and model support on AC is the best! I've worked for other sites before and it would take them three weeks to get back to me! The AC staff answered any questions I had, walked me through things, and gave me helpful tips to make my profile even better.
- Avanda

Make money doing what you do best – texting, chatting, uploading pictures and selfies… No matter if you are a college student or a housewife, looking for some extra money, or an exciting new full-time job - AmateurCommunity is the sexy, sassy social network that pays you for things you already do.